The course curriculum is approved by the Ministry of Education. We aim to ensure that students who study at STL will develop their communicative ability, through an interactive approach under fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

Courses include:
-Beginning course 200 hours
-Intermediate course 200 hours
-Advanced course 200 hours
-Thai Language for business
-Personalized courses as required
-Intensive Course (Getting around Thailand) 20 hours

-Beginning course
This course is designed to emphasize on basic communication skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Within 30-hour period, the students will be able to communicate with ordinary Thai people. Upon completion of this course, the students should have confidence  in communication and be comfortable in reading varieties of topics and writing simple texts in Thai.

Note: Students can choose whether they want to develop only speaking and listening skills or including reading and writing skills.

-Intermediate course
At this level, the students will learn more vocabulary and grammar structure to develop their skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing Thai. They will gain confidence in conversation and writing short essays.

-Advanced course
The students will learn advanced levels of grammar structure, idioms and be able to read newspapers, magazines and books. At the end of the course, the students will gain knowledge as well as skills to communicate fluently. They will be able to appreciate Thai history and culture. The progression in reading comprehension and improvement in grammar will be noticed.

-Thai Language for business course
This course is exclusive to foreigners who intend to do business in Thailand. Emphasis is placed on each individual preference thus benefit to their business outcome.

-Personalized courses as required
This course is aimed to enhance the students' proficiency in Thai. Specific topics will be assigned to students as needed, so they will be able to communicate perfectly like native Thais.

-Intensive Course (Getting around Thailand)
This intensive course is most benefit to all first-time visitors arriving in Thailand. The students will learn common Thai conversation which is essential for daily life. While living in Thailand, students will be able to blend their routine life style into local atmosphere to make their living experience in Thailand be more memorable.

Free Trial Lesson
A one hour trial lesson is offered to interested students prior to joining our class.

Student Visa or Education Visa (ED Visa)
We can provide you with the documents needed for the student visa application process. You can obtain the ED Visa as long as you are a student.


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